Do You Already Have A Critical Illness Policy?

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If you’ve got an existing critical illness policy, I may be able to offer you a substantial improvement in the quality of your cover.

Insurance companies are always looking to improve their critical illness cover policies, so they can increase their market share.

This means that a more up-to-date policy will generally provide better quality cover than an older policy.

However, this is not always the case. If you took out a policy before 2003, it’s likely that your policy has a more generous cancer definition than a post-2003 policy. As cancer is one of the highest causes of claims on critical illness policies, I would not normally recommend that you replace such a policy.

However, if you have a critical illness policy taken out since 2003, it’s entirely possible that I can provide you with a substantial upgrade in the quality of your cover.

Example - ‘Loss of Hands or Feet’

As an example, most policies will pay out the full sum assured for loss of hands or feet.

An older policy is likely to have a wording of: ‘Permanent physical severance of any combination of two or more hands or feet at or above the wrist or ankle joint.’

If you had such a policy and, for example, had an accident and lost one hand or a foot, you’d be paid nothing at all.

A more modern policy wording would be: ‘Permanent physical severance of either a hand or a foot at or above the wrist or ankle joint.’

If you had a policy with this wording, and lost one hand or one foot, your policy would pay out the full sum assured.

This is just one example, there are many others. For instance, critical illness cover for children has improved significantly.

If you have an existing critical illness policy and would like a free, no-obligation appraisal, call me or contact me by using the enquiry form below.

Please note, it is very important that you do not cancel any existing cover until a review has been completed and if necessary, a new policy set up.

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Dear Dave, You recently came to see me to review my life and critical illness cover. I thought my existing policy provided me with comprehensive cover, and that you wouldn't be able to improve on it. You carefully explained the exact cover provided by my existing policy to me and it became clear that the cover turned-out to be not quite so comprehensive as I had thought. You found much better critical illness cover and clearly explained everything to me. You also gave me lots of very useful advice on all sorts of money matters during our meetings which I really appreciate. I have recommended you to family and friends so they can take advantage of the services that you offer.

Mr S Birch, Llangollen

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